Where I’m @

To say I’m at a crossroad would be an understatement,

Since graduating high school I’ve accomplished one thing, and that is getting a speeding ticket, paying it off but forgetting my insurance card when I did pay it.. so now I’m waiting for a letter of compliance and praying I don’t get my license suspended for not having insurance, when in fact I do have insurance I just forgot to show them proof. God Bless America.

I’m rolling my eyes into my brain from that run on sentence.

Although my summer has not been a complete drag. I have gotten to spend a large amount of it with my friends and working to make that big coin to buy the stupidly expensive shit I feel the need to own, like a bright red Michael Kors purse. Which YES I carry. And NO I don’t give a fuck if purses are “for women”.. it’s 2018 get real, real fast.

I leave for a week vacation in the beginning of August to Boston and then up the east coast to Maine which I look forward to, and then in December I have a trip to New York City I’m taking on my own or with a friend if they want to tag along. I have a few in mind so no.. don’t ask.

Another thing I have in the works is a few designs for some super special items of clothing that I will be making and then photographing to use on my resume in the future. But that information I will not confide in you. Top secret.

I do plan to get back on track with the whole men’s fashion blogging thing very soon. I just need a fresh start, style is super hard to find in the summer unless you’re a girl.

So we’re getting there.

Xx Georgie

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