There’s a small part of me that remains in the past wanting to do high school over and over again. After graduation, I’ve been reminiscing on all the good and the bad I went through during my four years at Berkshire high school.

After walking across the stage with my classmates I think the reality of the entire situation finally slapped me. – I’m done with school now. Like it’s time for goals, big deadlines, and dreams to begin coming into focus. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t plan to go full time into college immediately following the summer, but instead to take time off, work, travel, and gain some experience in the fashion industry.

For a final project in school, I chose to research the fashion design industry. One of the biggest things I found repeatedly was that anyone going into the fashion industry can benefit from fashion school, but not everyone who goes is given a job. I guess the same goes for most industries. My goal is to attend shows, and try and involve myself into the fashion show backstage and in the environment.

I don’t know yet which part specifically I’ll end up in, but I know it will be fashion.


The four years I’ve attended Berkshire, I’ve met some really amazing friends. Friends who, during my freshman year; helped me overcome bullying verbal and physical harassment, and also who helped me find my inner self, who showed me the love they had for me regardless & who helped me find the confidence that was hiding in my soul.

I wanted to thank you guys. Thank you for opening your arms and hearts to someone who didn’t even understand himself, someone who was hurting inside and reflecting that hurt on everyone else around me sophomore year. Thank you for taking the time to understand the personality that I developed through time & the sometimes painfully negative sense of humor I have.

My junior year; thank you for giving me space. To come into who I was becoming and to take the time needed to heal the scars left inside of me. Thank you for holding my hand and sending positive vibes when I fell hard; for giving me strength to stand back up & find that piece of my heart that still had love for myself again.

And finally senior year; I met & re-connected with a few really amazing people. To the group of friends I’ve collected throughout high school and who remained with me till the ending of senior year, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This person who sits here today writing this post would not be here if it wasn’t for you.

~ Thank you also, to Berkshires new principle; An amazing inspiring man who received a lot of shit this year. Which, typically shadows over the amazing work he’s done that don’t get much credit. Thank you for your constant encouragement, support, kindness, and progressive attitude for making the school more accepting.

This is not the end. But only the beginning. To my fellow classmates; good luck. I cannot wait to begin a new chapter, and I hope the story you go onto write is full of love, success, happiness, and health.

Xo. Xo. Georgie.

– here’s too the future graduates of Berkshire.


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