It has been a week. & weekend. There’s been a lot of drama at Berkshire High this past couple weeks, and to be completely honest; it’s really shown the truest colors of many people I once surrounded myself with. On the brighter side of things, I finally was able to request transcripts to be sent to Kent. Which with my luck at this point, I won’t get accepted for fall. My skin also, has been taking a shit. I have had the most bipolar skin since completing my prescription on acutane, I want to say about 7 months ago. Online they say that you have a 10% chance that you will again develop acne after finishing your prescription. And I will say; it sucks being apart of that 10%. Some weeks are better than others, but in the end.. your skin doesn’t determine your worth. Head up. I’m so obsessed with Alex and Ani. God knows why, I just really love the bangles. Each bracelet that I own from A&A has a special meaning that I keep close. My first is my constellation for Virgo. Second is a Big Dipper, my sister has the Little Dipper. Next I have a number one bangle, based on my Lucky Number. And lastly one of my favorites, my origami Crane. This sweater is from H&M, I purchased it at the beginning of the school year around August. Pants are Asos. As always I never wear any other type of pant. Just my skinny’s. And this hat is from my least favorite store ever; Hollister. Hope you’re guys week was good;

Cheers to the long month ahead,

X. Georgie

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