Frozen Erie

I decided not to put a filter on any of these photos because it would fu*k with the natural stunning•ness of me. (Kidding) Lake Erie.

I’ve lived an hour from Lake Erie all of my life and I’ve literally never came up to see it frozen over like this. (regrets) Recently the weather has turned for the hills and gotten warmer with rain. Then again with the freezing weather; so I’m sure that added to the frozen effect. UGH IM OBSESSED- And also, how lame is it that I’m always talking about the weather on this blog. (Rolling my eyes) My Outfit for today is super basic, and just a casual teenager look – ew. My boots are Asos my coat is Abercrombie (the color I’m wearing is not currently available anymore, but they do have a grey one) and my shirt is.. well obviously AE 🙂 A few days ago I asked to go back to where I was working previously. I am so used to making money and having the freedom to spend like a freak, “I’m super good at spending money.” So when I got a text from my friend who still works there, that said she missed me, I literally jumped at the opportunity to go back and just work weekends while I finish my senior service hours. My boss is super amazing and he totally let me come back without any type of drama. I hope you guys like the photos! My sister is literally the only reason I’m able to get theses shots; she’s an icon truly.

X. Georgie


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