Champion & NASA

As I write this, I am truly ready to be back in school. I know everyone who is in high school despises me for saying this, but my break is done and I’m ready to be reunited with my friends!!! – Recently I’ve taken the advice of some close people and decided to begin following my dreams. I had in the past put to bed certain dreams that seem unattainable. Ie. design. And no I don’t plan to make it my life career to design clothing, but I do want to take up my ideas and see what I can do with them. ~Thank you Olivia. These photos are taken by my little sister and edited on VSCO by myself. – speaking of, I have journals set up on VSCO with most of the photos that go on my blog, with many that don’t make the cut. You can check them out here.This Jacket obviously isn’t made for, four degree weather. But it was decently okay when paired with a hoodie. I’m so obsessed with the patches and little dangling ribbons on the jacket. It’s been one of my favorite pieces and the first big purchase I made for myself when I first started working in August. It’s by the brand Alpha Industries, INC. which makes some other super cool jackets with NASA theme patches.

Outfit Details:

I hope you’re all enjoying the weather (rolling my eyes).

X. Georgie


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