Give Me A Break

What do people actually do on New Year’s Day? Like let’s just be honest here for a minute, the real parties, drinking, family, fun, all happens the night before and then comes to a close around 2am New Year’s Day. As did mine. – I woke up this morning at 10:30Am following a mind splitting headache, and a craving for Starbucks. My luck.. the car won’t start because Ohio has decided once again to freeze us, With four degree weather all night. This jacket is one of my favorite Christmas gifts; it represents my mood for basically all of 2017, and my feelings towards today, the first day of 2018. My grandmother got me it from Zara. #bless. Xo On December 31st. My sister and I went outside into the four degree weather as soon as the snow stopped. The trees glazed with ice and snow, always match my aesthetic. Perfect for photos. – Until the damn moment a massive gust of wind decided to sway the trees and create an avalanche of snow falling towards us. A complete whiteout. I managed to get a photo just for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know that I don’t typically edit my photos to match a specific theme; at least for this blog. But I hope you like the filters and edits done to these photos. I used VSCO and just turned the contrast down a tad. I hope everyone had an amazing new year and holiday season. – And to those randoms who decide that New Year’s Day is a day of partying; stay safe! Make sure you have a (Sober) ride, or call a cab.

X. Georgie.


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