Boo hoo Winter

Unlike many residents in this lovely small town I live in; I actually really enjoy when the weather decides to freeze us. Growing up in the seat of the Ohio snow belt, I’ve really enjoyed the snow during the holiday seasons. – Though the last few years we’ve had green weather.

The Snow laid heavy this Christmas, which was gorgeous, and also a perfect opportunity for me to wear the staple pieces I’ve purchased for the winter season. Like this Red Coat! I’m absolutely obsessed with the vintage vibe I get from it; growing up I slept over at my Grandmothers house often, and she had blankets that looked and felt very similar to this coat. After reading a post from Gallucks, I found links to a website and Clothing store from England- boohoo Lucky for me this coat was 50% off! And was only $50USD !!! With free shipping to the states! As of the date this post is being published you can still get one for 24% off – $85USD and Free shipping. BoohooThe rest of my Outfit; Jeans- ASOS, T-shirt-HM, My crystal necklace was a gift from my eldest sister.

I really hope everyone had a safe and good holiday; Cheers to reflecting on 2017 and preparing for what will come in 2018.

X. Georgie



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