Let It Snow

I mean that in all honesty.

So much has happened this week. On Monday we saw our first heavy snowfall in north east Ohio, and it’s been snowing since. Today we had off of school because of the weather, so I decided a photo shoot in the snow must happen.

These photos are taken by my little brother; who is 8 years old. On an iPhone 7s+ – do font judge. Yesterday I made a final decision regarding my current job, and I decided it was morally best for me to quit. There was a very large and personal problem happening at work with one of my coworkers; and I told her that I would have her back. – I won’t ever stand down and just accept what isn’t okay. So my last paycheck will need to stretch for a little while, while I focus back on my grades and finding a better job. I also completed my A.I.R testing yesterday for the great state of Ohio. (I’m rolling my eyes) I needed two more math points in order to graduate- so I’m actually praying, and you should be too, that I got those two points. If not then I will have to begin my 140 hours of service in order to graduate with my class.I love how stiff this photo looks; my dog literally came to me. This wasn’t posed or planned out. — I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week. I don’t really know what’s planned for the rest of December; but stay safe, and be happy. X, Georgie.


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