2018 Resolutions?

I’m a big; “oh I’m trash, look at my twin” type of person. I think the casual insults to myself keep me grounded. (Hah)

One thing I will point out before I begin this post; umm, hello.. look at those boots. Asos literally had me drooling when I saw them. They are so heavy and have a little bit of a platform, which makes walking through the current treacherous snow, somewhat easier. (But not all that much)

– Anyway, I feel like every year around December everyone makes a list of resolutions. Last year I wrote on mine: “remove toxic people from your life”, and I can with ease say that starting senior year I’ve removed about 98% if the toxic people from my life. (Ouch, shade.) But this year, I’m documenting my resolutions for you. Hold me accountable, and maybe join me in completing them.

Rant Over. Les go.

1. YMCA Membership; Even though the whole, “I’m getting a gym membership in the new year” is soooo cliché, I actually do really want to join the Y and work on bettering my health and take better care of my damn heart. — side note, my heart rate may or may not have been 114 while sitting in art class a few weeks ago. (Also side note, I was extremely stressed, and it’s not typically that High.)

2. Nurture my G.P.A; with college around the corner, my gpa has been a key staple in my active stress. In 2018 I really need to try my hardest to keep my grades healthy, and my gpa up.

3. Family & Friends; after the conclude of summer, I began working almost everyday and every weekend. – To be honest this was the first week I’ve gotten four days off, since I began working. So a big, big goal for me, is to take more time off for my friends and family! I’m a senior, and I only have a little more time to enjoy that “privilege”.

4. Connect with the environment/Energy; I’m not a big earth person. Of course I am extremely grateful for Mother Nature, and for the environment. I’ve never been 100% outdoorsy. I always used to say I’d rather work in an office building then ever work in the country- but it’s not until I grew up a little that I’ve come to appreciate the cleanness and freshness of the land when you live in a smaller town. — So I’d like to connect and go explore more, find more clean spiritual energy in 2018.

5. Meet New People; and I don’t mean via Instagram. I’ve always been super shy when I first meet people, but once I’m cracked open I’m super outgoing. This has changed entirely. I think that in 2017 I was fully able to come to terms with my inner self, to where I have more confidence in my daily life. This year I’ve met new people and connected. And in 2018 I really hope to continue that; because friends make life better – and connections make life easier. (Think smart)

6. Get Better Sleep; I have bad sleep habits, take right now for example. It’s 10:36pm on a school night and I’m writing a blog post.

7. STOP PROCRASTINATING; I am so damn good at putting things off until the last minute. And my general excuse is “oh Diamonds are formed under pressure”, but that is so in the past. I need to better organize and stop waiting till the last minute.

8. Read more; study, read, learn. In the new year I want to read more, and write more. I’ve always been good at researching and debating. So I want to do more reading in 2018. (My god, if I write the word read one more time)

9. Explore My Future (?) The entire idea that I will begin college in less than nine months is truly revolting. I could puke – right now. Seriously. (Excuse me) – but one of my goals this year is to begin exploring classes and hobbies outside of college that can help better prepare me for my future; ie. taking French, taking Marc Jacobs new online Design course.

10. Remove negative space; and by space I mean energy, mindsets, people, posts, etc. (this one speaks for itself.)

11. Live My Best Life. I’m finished living in the past, where people and their negative comments lurked and affected me when I was at my highest. So in 2018 I plan to leave all of the drama, confusion, aches, and broken relationships in the past. There is no point in holding onto feelings that are toxic. If you can’t fix them now, than I don’t expect to be able to fix them later.

That’s it; for now at least. I’m sure I left off some important ones that I’ll slap myself for forgetting when I re-read this in 2018. But until then, I hope everyone has a happy holiday. And a safe and amazing new year.

Why you always tear me down? Bitch, you know I’ll keep this crown. – Trevor Moran

X. Georgie



  1. love💓i haven’t even thought about new years resolutions until now. this has been the shittiest year in my entire life. and i’m not even saying that. this has truly been the shittiest fucking year ever. i’ve changed a lot, though, and i suppose that is good.


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