“Lonely Hours.”

This past week has been brutal. As quarantine has confined most of the world to their homes, I’ve spent endless hours at work. Though I absolutely adore my job and the residents I’ve gotten to know and take care of, last week I decided to turn the page and begin a new chapter at a different facility. My final two weeks began this Monday, and end on the 18th.

Jacket: Boohoo (link bellow)

Shirt: ASOS



I can’t help but feel anxious entering the next few pages in my life, but I can say that I am ready.

Much love, stay safe and healthy. Xx



“I can’t believe you’re wearing that in public”

For a long time I allowed the public to sway my opinions on what not to wear, but as I’ve gotten older & maybe more comfortable in my skin, I’ve begun to realize that nobody really cares what I’m wearing. – That is unless you’re reading this with the intention to get inspiration on what to wear.

Coat: BOOHOO MAN – Shirt: CHNGE (Links bellow)
Pants: ZARA – Boots: TAFT (Links bellow)

CHNGE: Logo Shirt Sold Out- CHNGE

ZARA: Plaid Pants With Chain

TAFT: The Grail Boot

BOOHOO: Coat Sold Out – BooHoo

In the coming months I’ll have exclusive outfit content on georgexfekete.com – and a few giveaways. So I hope you’ll stick around.

With love; be safe and stay healthy.

Xx. Georgie