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Where I’m @

To say I’m at a crossroad would be an understatement, Since graduating high school I’ve accomplished one thing, and that is getting a speeding ticket, paying it off but forgetting my insurance card when I did pay it.. so now I’m waiting for a letter of compliance and praying I don’t get my license suspended […]


There’s a small part of me that remains in the past wanting to do high school over and over again. After graduation, I’ve been reminiscing on all the good and the bad I went through during my four years at Berkshire high school. After walking across the stage with my classmates I think the reality […]

Frozen Erie

I decided not to put a filter on any of these photos because it would fu*k with the natural stunning•ness of me. (Kidding) Lake Erie. I’ve lived an hour from Lake Erie all of my life and I’ve literally never came up to see it frozen over like this. (regrets) Recently the weather has turned […]